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Boggle letters spell out tips & tricks

There is no error #8329754 documentation on BackupBuddy but here is what worked for me: The Problem: Error #8329754. Error retrieving fileoptions file `..wp-content/uploads/pb_backupbuddy/fileoptions/m5g6068f4h.txt`. Error details `ERROR_EMPTY_FILE_NON_CREATE_MODE`. Error information & troubleshooting: http://ithemes.com/codex/page/BackupBuddy:_Error_Codes#8329754 How nice of BackupBuddy to give us an error page – too bad it is not found. This worked for me: Deleted 2 […]

Where to put in the URL for a hotlink in Gmail Signature

By request from a web client, here is how to update or add an email signature with a text hot link (hyperlink). If you would like an image link in Gmail, it is not hard but Gmail adds an annoying border around it. Here’s my trick on how to get rid of that. Log into […]

Gravity Form Name fields are squished in sidebar widget

In a widget, Gravity Forms name fields need full width How do you get first name and last name to be vertical instead of horizontal? When you are integrating with a mailing list you must have the advanced name field to map to MailChimp’s or AWeber’s database. Gravity forms premium support is fantastic but sometimes […]

Boggle letters spell out tips & tricks

Hostgator used to have Fantastico and now they have their own tool called QuickInstall. If you try to delete a WordPress install, the new tool does not recognize your website installed with Fantastico. Here is the best YouTube I found to simply explain How to Manually Delete a WordPress Site because Fantastico is no longer […]

You might be surprised when you try to update to php 5.4

Some WordPress plugins require you to advance your website from 5.2.xx. If you don’t you might get the WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH which is harrowing. Hostgator’s Support site (this page)  gives the advice to modify .htaccess as follows: “PHP 5.4 is available on all Shared and Reseller hosting accounts by adding the following code to […]

htaccess file fix redirects

Like many hosts, Hostgator provides cPanel to control your website. Included in cPanel is a nice tool to add 301 permanent redirects. These are added to your .htacces file for you – nice. This is handy for many reasons but I commonly need it when converting an HTML site to WordPress. How long should it […]

Dreamweaver ftp error fix

Two clients signed up for 2 different web hosts, and Dreamweaver had a problem with FTP for both. Many forums blame it on Dreamweaver, but for me the fix was to reset the FTP password. Web host documentation says: FTP Password: Your hosting account password. It does not mention going into the FTP user and […]

Where to find Google Cache saved page - the one you lost in a bad backup or accidental delete

Everyone makes mistakes. But what happens when you go to the backup and you can’t recover your web pages? I had a situation recently where I lost some of my WordPress blog pages. These are pages that I would be hard pressed to rewrite because I wrote them to remember my steps and to help […]