Thank you for visiting my web portfolio. I specialize in informational web sites for consultants, keynote speakers and small businesses. Home for this design studio is Madison, Wisconsin but I have had customers from Maryland to Florida to Colorado.

You will see in my portfolio that I have many long-term clients.

At the root of it, I look after the software and the design of websites. A new site is not “delivered” and boom we are done. Instead, a site is begun and layer after layer it is expanded and honed. When new opportunities and ideas arise, I am there to find and implement solutions to support the future twists and turns of your business.

Why my web customers hired me:

  • The site looks great! - Deb from EngaginTechReferrals – the engine of small businesses. Clients recommend me.
  • Liked other web sites in my portfolio
  • Time based charging – no monthly fee
  • Willingness to collaborate on design
  • Willingness to take control, or act on an as-needed basis
  • Helped them out of a jam (web host disappeared, web designer disappeared)

And why my web clients stay:

  • Ask me five questions in an email, get five answers back
  • Liked how I explained things or helped think through ideas
  • Liked how PayPal was incorporated into the design
  • We are a a team. I have a “working relationship” with clients which is enriching for us both.

Jeff Butler envelope drawings.


Bio: Deb Vandenbroucke aka “WebDeb”

Photo of Deb Vandenbroucke, web designer in Madison, WI

My computer background is in the healthcare software industry.

My artistic background is in sculpture.

My degrees are Mathematics BA and a Master of Fine Arts.

Creating web sites – where the artistic and computer skills meet.

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Learned Here:

  • Eureka College
  • Bradley University
  • Univ of Chicago
  • Madison College
  • Epic University
  • Blackhawk Technical

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Lived Here:

  • Chicago: Maywood, Lombard, Oak Park, Hyde Park
  • Eureka & Peoria, IL
  • St. Louis, Mo
  • Boston: Brookline & Watertown, Ma
  • Madison, Wi