30 Apr 2014

How to Add or Update Email Signature Gmail

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By request from a web client, here is how to update or add an email signature with a text hot link (hyperlink). If you would like an image link in Gmail, it is not hard but Gmail adds an annoying border around it. Here’s my trick on how to get rid of that.

  1. Log into Gmail
  2. Hover over the gear link in upper right and choose Settings:
    How to get started with Gmail Signature gear then settings
  3. Scroll down to Signature section.  Click the radio button to enable signature
    Compose your signature.
    Highlight what you want to be a link and click the link button (click image below to see bigger):
    Where to find the link button in Gmail Signature
  4. Add your URL  and click OK
    Where to put in the URL for a hotlink in Gmail Signature
    1. The text should now be underlined.
      If you do not want two dashes before the signature click the box underneath too.
      How the link should look before you save it Gmail setting signature
  5. SAVE the signature at the bottom of the page
    gmail setting save button
  6. Compose a new email – your signature should be showing..
  7. To DELETE the signature, click the “No Signature” radio button, your work will be saved until when you want to use it again.