How to make a support ticket on Hostgator

Hostgator has been quietly getting rid of it’s support ticket system. After being logged into the account, you would think “create a ticket” would go to ticket support. The ticket support link is often hidden but if you can find it your cpanel or dashboard, the application stalls or directs you to live chat support.. read more →

WordPress Switch URLs same server

Lately I’ve had quite a few clients changing their domain names to retool their message or to entirely change their branding. It so happens that these websites are all on Hostgator but the procedure should be similar for any web host. There is information in the WordPress Codex >> Changing The Site URL  which should not.. read more →

How to see past and present birthdays in Facebook

How to see all birthdays in Facebook It is 2015 and things change in Facebook all the time. Here is what works today. Desktop or laptop (easier): Use the following link to calendar in order to see ALL birthdays in Facebook: Once you are in calendar, the up and down arrows allow you to.. read more →

Point domain from html site to WordPress site

These notes are a very pared down version of how to make a WordPress site in a subdirectory become the main domain site. I do this for my new client sites a couple of times a year. Perhaps not a full blog but more a jog, a memory jog (recipe) for the next time. Hope.. read more →

How to delete post and page revisions (and arrange edit view)

Debwork clients can delete revisions to keep their sites smaller for backups, and there are some claims that loading time is faster. If you can already see the revisions box on your edit view, skip section “How to: delete post and page revisions”.  The first part of the article explains how to show / hide edit.. read more →

Blog for work travel was supposed to be on but needed more ‘pretty’

GeneandSusansAsianAdventure My friend got a contract to work in Singapore and thus and so off they went. Gene and Susan decided to document their adventure using a blog. Naturally, I confirmed that this was a great idea. This was supposed to be a website. What’s the difference? websites are self hosted (you have.. read more →

Portfolio Picture order in Strikingr Theme (one experience)

Striking Mutliflex theme is fantastic (see sites used) but I had a problem figuring out how to get images in the exact order preferred by the website owner. Wanted: Exact placement of pictures in portfolio display Parameters at play: ids select items on id basis comma seperated (optional) orderby : no, page, author, post-id, title,.. read more →


There is no error #8329754 documentation on BackupBuddy but here is what worked for me: The Problem: How nice of BackupBuddy to give us an error page – too bad it is not found. This worked for me: Deleted 2 cache plugins (they were already deactivated but sometimes deleting helps) Updated BackupBuddy plugin AHA – .. read more →

How to Add or Update Email Signature Gmail

By request from a web client, here is how to update or add an email signature with a text hot link (hyperlink). If you would like an image link in Gmail, it is not hard but Gmail adds an annoying border around it. Here’s my trick on how to get rid of that. Log into.. read more →

Display side and footer widgets in mobile version Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes are wonderful but Epanel does not provide an option to display or hide sidebar and footer widgets for mobile. The default is to hide so you have to figure out how you unhide them each time you use a responsive theme by Elegant. Add this to your CSS: /* display sidebars and footer.. read more →