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WPBakery builder controls - no edit or duplicate functionality provided

WPBakery Builder is still pretty new to me. The portfolio template I first made for a client should have been specific to each of two categories. My searches for how to edit a WPBakery builder template and how to duplicate a template revealed no satisfactory answer. Admittedly, there may be a better solution or a video […]

hostgator is trying to get you to use online chat

*** Update November 3, 2018: I was thanked for this post so you might want to try it. Another alternative is Twitter. (I hate chat support!) All but one of my clients are off of Hostgator and only a few left on EIG. Who is good at ticket support is out of Chicago. Hostgator […]

Boggle letters spell out tips & tricks

Lately I’ve had quite a few clients changing their domain names to retool their message or to entirely change their branding. It so happens that these websites are all on Hostgator but the procedure should be similar for any web host. There is information in the WordPress Codex >> Changing The Site URL  which should not […]


How to see all birthdays in Facebook It is 2015 and things change in Facebook all the time. Here is what works today. Desktop or laptop (easier): Use the following link to calendar in order to see ALL birthdays in Facebook: Once you are in calendar, the up and down arrows allow you to […]

Boggle letters spell out tips & tricks

These notes are a very pared down version of how to make a WordPress site in a subdirectory become the main domain site. I do this for my new client sites a couple of times a year. Perhaps not a full blog but more a jog, a memory jog (recipe) for the next time. Hope […]