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Whoa, iThemes has disappointed us in a big way. BackupBuddy no longer works for WordPress MultiSite. In fact, it is not even showing up in my dashboard.  I receive emails from iThemes all of the time bragging about the latest news. But I did not hear one peep from them about BackupBuddy and Multisite WPMU […]

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Symptoms: Instead of your site showing, an image appears “This website is currently under maintenance. Come back later!” Your URL is being forwarded to http://YOURURL.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi Diagnosis:  Invoice not paid to Hostgator web host. This interesting anonymous graphic slapped on a client’s site last week. I am the site admin and I did not put the […]

Yahoo email went through an update in 2013. By request from a web client, here is how to Update or add an email signature with a hot link. Log into Yahoo Mail Hover over the gear link in upper right and choose Mail Options: In left menu choose Signature.  If you want a working link […]

Boggle letters spell out tips & tricks

How to Add Icon links to your Google Signature and remove the horrible blue border. I pieced this together from various sources.  Google does not provide a way to add html to your gmail signature. If you are not a geek who uses FireFox Firebug, you may as well stop reading now. If you just […]

Screenshot of twitter overlap in html site

Twitter does not want you to use a narrow column but here is how you can put the Twitter widget into a narrow space on your html site. WordPress has various widgets that you can experiment with. #twitter-widget-0, #twitter-widget-6 {     min-width: 175px !important;     width: 175px !important; } See it working on my client’s html site:  Change In […]

Where to look to tell if a link is going to the proper website

I previously commented on LinkedIn Phishing and today a very real looking Facebook notification appeared. I worry about you so I thought I’d publish this again. How to detect if an email notification is legit or phishing: Hover over the link and see where it leads. If that doesn’t work just go directly to the […]

One way to tell if an email really links to where it claims

I’ve been getting some fake LinkedIn messages lately. How do you know they are fake? Hover over the accept button and see where it leads to. This one does not go to LinkedIn. If you can’t tell or don’t want to bother, just go directly to LinkedIn instead of through the email message link – […]

Boggle letters spell out tips & tricks

I just added Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GASP) check box to a WordPress site but wanted to change the text style. If you are looking for the CSS path here it is: div#comments form#commentform p#gasp_p