cPanel 301 redirects not working for WordPress

htaccess file fix redirects

cPanel 301 redirects not working for WordPress

Like many hosts, Hostgator provides cPanel to control your website. Included in cPanel is a nice tool to add 301 permanent redirects. These are added to your .htacces file for you – nice. This is handy for many reasons but I commonly need it when converting an HTML site to WordPress.

How long should it take 301 redirects to work on a WordPress website? It should work right away but it will take Google awhile to catch up.

The problem:  Sometimes the 301 permanent redirects works, sometimes they do not.

The solution:  Make the page redirects appear BEFORE the WordPress setup (see featured image above). And be sure ReWrite Engine is turned on.

A simple fix to get your redirects to work on Hostgator and other web hosts.