Screenshot of Susan Buzby's blog - RTW

Blog for work travel was supposed to be on but needed more ‘pretty’

Screenshot of Susan Buzby's blog - RTW
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My friend got a contract to work in Singapore and thus and so off they went. Gene and Susan decided to document their adventure using a blog. Naturally, I confirmed that this was a great idea.

This was supposed to be a website. What’s the difference? websites are self hosted (you have to pay for a web host and maintain it yourself) whereas a site is hosted by WordPress with no maintenance required but the themes and features are limited. My friends are design sensitive and did not find a theme that well represented them so I decided to host a blog for them on

Unlike a lot of designers, I do not resell hosting to my clients. For one thing, reselling does not save them money. More importantly, it also ties clients to my services making it uncomfortable to split if another webmaster is desired. It is my policy to not be a burden if a client wants to move on to use someone else. Admittedly, this has rarely happened but when it has, it is all very civilized.

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