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Screenshot of Susan Buzby's blog - RTW

GeneandSusansAsianAdventure My friend got a contract to work in Singapore and thus and so off they went. Gene and Susan decided to document their adventure using a blog. Naturally, I confirmed that this was a great idea. This was supposed to be a WordPress.com website. What’s the difference? WordPress.org websites are self hosted (you have […]

Screenshot of home page - pretty winter scene blog phto showing

HeartSpaceCoaching.com Suzanne Kilkus, PhD is a therapist life coach who helps people work through issues of change. Her long standing website had a WordPress blog and now the entire site and was moved into WordPress with a fresh new theme. The Heartspace Coaching newsletter serves an energy engine. Each month it prompts new content across […]

Screenshot of website header Kayra Group - social group for widows and widowers in Dane County

KayraGroup.org Kayra Group is a social organization for widowed men and women in Dane County. It has been thriving since the 1960’s. Like many who come to debwork.com, their web person was no longer available and the site was in disrepair. Luckily, they were using an theme by Elegant so