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Screenshot of movie's home page shows capital of Wisconsin in Madison Film director Kathleen Acosta requested help modifying her website that had been started by a friend who could not provide ongoing technical help. Originally intended as a one-time help session but our working relationship developed quickly for taking on full webmaster role. This means maintenance and hovering. After appearing in some film festivals, PayPal […]

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GeneandSusansAsianAdventure My friend got a contract to work in Singapore and thus and so off they went. Gene and Susan decided to document their adventure using a blog. Naturally, I confirmed that this was a great idea. This was supposed to be a website. What’s the difference? websites are self hosted (you have […]

Screenshot of the header of Ruthless Editor blog Kathleen Watson is an editor, author and speaker. She had a blog installed that required some deeper knowledge of best practices. The installed WordPress theme was 2 years abandoned and WordPress was out of date. Since she enthusiastically liked her HTML website, the blog was re-designed to integrate with that look. We have occasional […]