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This client came to me because their web designer was no longer available. The good news was that the theme being used did have a security update which made phase one of getting the site updated and “in shape” much easier. WordPress had not been updated in almost a year and there was no backup or security plugins installed.

A second phase project plan was to redesign the site and to make improvements big and small. Quite important was to make the site responsive to mobile devices and to update the overall look which was quite dated.

“Currently the board thinks our site is old looking.
It is hard to find your way around.
We don’t like the “scrolling” items on the home screen. “

The goals of the redesign was to make information clearer so people know what is required of them before they can become a therapy team – the time and cost involved. The site audience was not only members of Dogs On Call but also organizations seeking their services.

Some features of this site:

  • A long intake form to request to be added as a visiting site location.
  • A member’s page that requires a password
  • A blog that highlights the pet partner teams
  • A robust calendar that communicates where dogs are visiting for interaction or a Read session plus when course evaluations are being held.

Client since: 2015
Referred by: Happy client Liz Morrison
Responsive? Yes (Striking Theme)
SSL: Yes all clients have SSL certificates

The DOC website looks great! Once again, you rule as queen of the webmasters. I’m sure you’ll do your usual great job of bringing everything all together. Thanks so much for helping DOC with this huge job.

Liz Morrison
Dogs On Call
Fitchburg, WI