Open Door Zen Community

Screenshot of mobile page - audio recordings


Open Door Zen Community signed with me in the year twenty fifteen. It just so happens that by then (autumn) I was won over by Twenty Fifteen theme. I think it is the best default theme offered with WordPress to date. Of course it has to be the right sort of site requirements for any theme to show off. I knew from the start what kind of feeling the site should have and as a team it came together “like butter.” Many projects don’t always come together that way.

Some features of this site:
  • Audio recordings of sessions delivered by DropBox
  • Donations via a PayPal button
  • Beautiful photos taken by one of their members

Client since: 2015
Referred by: Happy client Suzanne Kilkus
Responsive? Yes (TwentyFifteen Theme)
SSL? Yes indeed

Thank you for your caring and observant eye.

ODZC web team memberOpen Door Zen CommunityMadison, WI