Open Door Zen Community

Screenshot of mobile page - audio recordings


Open Door Zen Community signed with me in the year twenty fifteen. It just so happens that by then (autumn) I was won over by Twenty Fifteen theme. I think it is the best default theme offered with WordPress to date. Of course it has to be the right sort of site requirements for any theme to show off. I knew from the start what kind of feeling the site should have and as a team it came together “like butter.” Many projects don’t always come together that way.

Some features of this site:
  • Audio recordings of sessions delivered by DropBox
  • Donations via a PayPal button
  • Beautiful photos taken by one of their members

Client since: 2015
Referred by: Happy client Suzanne Kilkus
Responsive? Yes (TwentyFifteen Theme)
SSL? Yes indeed

It look so nice. Thank you both for your kind help and instruction, as always,

ODZC web team memberOpen Door Zen CommunityMadison, WI