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Silly drawing whining about someone using up a great URL

Well, it’s my birthday today and when people ask me about the joy of the day and I tell them, they are sorry they asked. It’s like one of those classic Holiday Letters – “Billy broke his arm, our house needs a new roof, and I am having my gallbladder removed while I write this […]

Used with permission of the artist

Don’t worry… If this form of content looks all too familiar I’ll get it on the internets for you! (Posted just for some Friday Fun. Image courtesy of:  PS Mueller, funny guy in my Madison neighborhood)

I thus far failed to convince a web client to change their main graphic menu that makes sense only with a hover event. Apple’s iProducts (iPhone, iPad, iMini, etc) has killed the thrill of hover (mouse over) actions. This article from Design Shack agrees and nicely lays it out what is going on here. What […]

Where to look to tell if a link is going to the proper website

I previously commented on LinkedIn Phishing and today a very real looking Facebook notification appeared. I worry about you so I thought I’d publish this again. How to detect if an email notification is legit or phishing: Hover over the link and see where it leads. If that doesn’t work just go directly to the […]

screenshot of Spirer Jewelry blogspot with link to websites by Deb Vandenbroucke

Web maintenance client client Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers put a link on his Blogspot “sites to watch” section! Did you know?  Links to your site = SEO GOLD. Google loves links to your site. Not junky links from ‘link farms’ but links from quality sites like this one. Thanks,  so much!

Pretty girl shruggin shoulders - life as it is

Once it awhile it is a tug between my knowledge and what a client wants. There are tons of advice articles telling web professionals to “Give ‘em what they need” with a list of good reasons including that your name is professionally associated with the site’s design and health. When I step off the soap […]

One way to tell if an email really links to where it claims

I’ve been getting some fake LinkedIn messages lately. How do you know they are fake? Hover over the accept button and see where it leads to. This one does not go to LinkedIn. If you can’t tell or don’t want to bother, just go directly to LinkedIn instead of through the email message link – […]

I get the nicest notes from web clients but this one is quite special. Suzanne Kilkus (Heartpace Coaching) has been my web client since 2010. She has an HTML site with WordPress blog added. Her husband Steve Kilkus  (Little Stories of Caring) is a new WordPress client – we’re just getting started. Thanks for your […]

Ultimate Blog challenge screenshot

My new web client has joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge! The best SEO strategy to (get attention from search engines like Google)  is to post often. I encourage web clients to write something for social media or their web site weekly at a minimum and I can help with the ideas and the mechanics. It […]