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Dreamweaver ftp error fix

Two clients signed up for 2 different web hosts, and Dreamweaver had a problem with FTP for both. Many forums blame it on Dreamweaver, but for me the fix was to reset the FTP password. Web host documentation says: FTP Password: Your hosting account password. It does not mention going into the FTP user and […]

Where to find Google Cache saved page - the one you lost in a bad backup or accidental delete

Everyone makes mistakes. But what happens when you go to the backup and you can’t recover your web pages? I had a situation recently where I lost some of my WordPress blog pages. These are pages that I would be hard pressed to rewrite because I wrote them to remember my steps and to help […]

Dog dreaming of bone - new theme design

Each year WordPress does a survey and asks what you least like about WordPress. I have been putting the same response which is keeping themes, plugins in synch with WordPress versions. Here is a ‘work flow’ example from something that occurred over the last couple of days. All I wanted was a new look for […]

Whoa, iThemes has disappointed us in a big way. BackupBuddy no longer works for WordPress MultiSite. In fact, it is not even showing up in my dashboard.  I receive emails from iThemes all of the time bragging about the latest news. But I did not hear one peep from them about BackupBuddy and Multisite WPMU […]

This site is currently under maintenance. Please try again later.

Symptoms: Instead of your site showing, an image appears “This website is currently under maintenance. Come back later!” Your URL is being forwarded to Diagnosis:  Invoice not paid to Hostgator web host. This interesting anonymous graphic slapped on a client’s site last week. I am the site admin and I did not put the […]

Yahoo email went through an update in 2013. By request from a web client, here is how to Update or add an email signature with a hot link. Log into Yahoo Mail Hover over the gear link in upper right and choose Mail Options: In left menu choose Signature.  If you want a working link […]

Boggle letters spell out tips & tricks

How to Add Icon links to your Google Signature and remove the horrible blue border. I pieced this together from various sources.  Google does not provide a way to add html to your gmail signature. If you are not a geek who uses FireFox Firebug, you may as well stop reading now. If you just […]

I’ve been getting a slew of these Paypal Phishing spam emails. It said I have purchased something. Of course the link does NOT go to Paypal. If you wonder what is going on in your account – go to the main site, do not log in via an email link.

Screenshot of twitter overlap in html site

Twitter does not want you to use a narrow column but here is how you can put the Twitter widget into a narrow space on your html site. WordPress has various widgets that you can experiment with. #twitter-widget-0, #twitter-widget-6 {     min-width: 175px !important;     width: 175px !important; } See it working on my client’s html site:  Change In […]

SEO loves all kinds of holidays

Last night I had a ‘vision’ to morph this round tin into a heart-shaped one for Valentines Day.  This achievable goal was not to be suppressed;  I had some Photoshop fun today! Some holidays are great for social media. Shameless but fun promotion of my web client MooBuzz® !