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Redesign and Rebranded – MooBuzz®

MooBuzz product shirt was given to Deb Vandenbroucke for our fine work together.

Along with this product’s re-branding came the decision to give MooBuzz a new packaging and a website. It was one of those tight team experiences between graphic design, the site owner and myself. Lots of creative energy and fun with its share of concept twists and turns. I am also the webmaster for Peg Larabell’s shoe repair site Thirdstreet Leather and Shoeworks, formerly known as Eastside Shoe Repair.

The buy-via-PayPal page remains prominent with a clean custom design that is consistent with the print and packaging material.

The Good Advice cobbler’s blog also was re-energized in the process. Advice about leather is now published regularly.

Responsive? Yes (Enfold theme)
SSL: Yes
Redesigned: July 2016 (see previous) Now moved to Shopify!
Client since:  October 2012
Referred by:  Self referral, the best kind – happy customer!

We luuuuuuuv the new site. It’s wonderful!

The zipper page is ace. The Birkenstock page is sterling. (I ran out of novel superlatives and am using a Thesaurus.)