Site Suspended, Did you pay your invoice?

This site is currently under maintenance. Please try again later.

Site Suspended, Did you pay your invoice?


  1. Instead of your site showing, an image appears “This website is currently under maintenance. Come back later!”
  2. Your URL is being forwarded to

Diagnosis:  Invoice not paid to Hostgator web host.

This interesting anonymous graphic slapped on a client’s site last week.

I am the site admin and I did not put the site under maintenance. It happens to be one of the few sites whose owner does not want WordPress updated for some possibly good reasons.  The site is on WordPress 2.9.2 and at this writing, I am updating websites to 3.5.2. Thus and so I suspected the site could be suspended due to it being hacked. But no… it is simply a bill overdue.

Dear Hostgator,

I think you have great service but couldn’t you put a more helpful message on this website? How about adding a gator logo? How about some kind of hint or link to pay the invoice? It would actually resolve the problem faster.



In the end, the client paid the bill, the site got restored and all is well …


New Addition: This is what your site looks like on LunarPaqes if you do not pay your hosting bill:

What you see if you don't pay your LunarPages hosting bill
A sign that your web hosting bill is overdue.