30 May 2013

How to Add or Update Email Signature Yahoo

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Yahoo email went through an update in 2013. By request from a web client, here is how to Update or add an email signature with a hot link.

  1. Log into Yahoo Mail
  2. Hover over the gear link in upper right and choose Mail Options:
    New Yahoo email menu
  3. In left menu choose Signature.  If you want a working link chose “Show a rich text signature“:
    Trick to make a hot link to your yahoo signature at the bottom of email
  4. Compose your signature. (The default text seems huge so you might want to adjust the font size. )Highlight the text that you want to be a hot link and click the link icon:
    Add hyperlink to Yahoo email signature
  5. Add your URL  and click OK
    the URL enter screen - yahoo email signature
  6. SAVE the signature
    SAVE button for yahoo email signature
  7. Compose a new email – your signature should be showing. If it is not, go back and SAVE the signature again (this happened to me). Two times was the charm.Yahoo email signature should show when you are composing the message
  8. To DELETE the signature, it is not good enough to remove the text and save, you have to chose the “Don’t use a signature” before you SAVE.You can't just blank out signature, you need to use this setting then save