BackupBuddy broken for MultiSite WPMU

BackupBuddy broken for MultiSite WPMU

Whoa, iThemes has disappointed us in a big way. BackupBuddy no longer works for WordPress MultiSite. In fact, it is not even showing up in my dashboard.  I receive emails from iThemes all of the time bragging about the latest news. But I did not hear one peep from them about BackupBuddy and Multisite WPMU no longer being supported.

After reading what I could find – which was NOT MUCH. Installed and unInstalled a few plugins and found that UpdraftPlus might be the answer and why limit it to one backup – there is also BackWPup.


I installed it, backed up my WPMU sites independently with UpdraftPlus.  Few settings, easy peasy.


I installed it, looked over a lot of settings, changed some, then backed up the entire ‘network’.

For both free plugins there are Pro/paid versions and add-ons that might be good to use in the long run. I definitely need to understand the restore better.  For today it feels good that my sites are tucked away and at least to know what learning curve to jump on. One of these fine products deserve my money but it hurts to whip out that credit card since my investment with BackupBuddy was not insignificant.

BackupBuddy is a fantastic product. I miss some of the features like “check for malware” and whatnot that it provides. I can  understand a company backing off of a promised feature, but it was very bad form to do it so quietly that it took a good client by surprise. Also the dashboard should give me some sort of clue as to what is going on with the plugin!  Makes you feel like you lost your mind… “didn’t I use this before?”

This is what eats up our time, people! Surprises to plugins and themes are not fun.  But a big thanks to UpdraftPlus and BackWPupfor being out there! yah!