WP Update Time Eaters

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WP Update Time Eaters

Each year WordPress does a survey and asks what you least like about WordPress. I have been putting the same response which is keeping themes, plugins in synch with WordPress versions. Here is a ‘work flow’ example from something that occurred over the last couple of days.

All I wanted was a new look for a website:

  • Paid for and installed a new WordPress theme
  • Tried the Live Preview – navigation did not work
  • Loaded theme onto a test site to try for real – yep, navigation does not work
  • Submitted  support request to theme maker
  • wait
  • Answer “please update everything then we will help you”
  • Downloaded new theme version to my computer, just came out this week
  • Updated WordPress theme
  • Tested Site – navigation still doesn’t work
  • Have to update WP version before support will investigate
  • This is for WPMU site, checked to make sure other site themes are ok for WP 3.6
  • Needed to Backup all site – !BackupBuddy no longer works for WPMU
  • Research, research
  • sleep
  • More research – looking for another backup solution
  • Installed 2 new backup plugins
  • Backed up site(s) in many ways
  • Updated WPMU network to 3.6
  • Test site – holy cow – IT WORKED!

Now it’s time to really get to work.  I ‘simply’ added a new design theme and now it’s time to get it to look good.