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Website for Articles ~ Center for Healthy Thinking

Screenshot of masonry presentation of blog articles

A WordPress site is for a discussion group that had been meeting for awhile. They wished to publish articles by several authors which support the notion that “thoughts shape attitudes”. The non-commercial self-empowerment website is structured using blog categories to enable site visitors to find articles that would be of most interest to them.

Content is king. There was little SEO work done on this site, yet their articles have had amazing position on SERPS.

Responsive? Yes, of course
Client since: 2014
SSL? Yes
Referred by: internet search

Things went very well and the website was well received. There were 50+ people there. I had a spot on the evening’s agenda and put the website up on a large screen to show it and talk about it and generate some interest. Everything looked great, and all the comments were very positive. Mike said it was beautiful. I think so too.