Screenshot of the awning for the Rumpus Room which houses Wild Rumpus Circus, Mazo arts and more

Past customer: The Rumpus Room

Screenshot of website that has testimonials, video, Flickr, and events

A lot is going on at The Rumpus Room (Wild Rumpus Circus, Mazomanie Movement Arts Center, Jacob Mills and space rental) so this website needed a lot of features. Once the site was moved and redesigned, site owner Marcia Mequelon took over each aspect of the website content.

  • event management
  • classes and event calendar
  • register for classes via Paypal
  • testimonials
  • Flickr slideshows
  • videos
  • social media links
  • newsletter sign up via Constant Contact
  • several class locations

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Client Since: 2011-2019
Repeat Business: This site was moved to WordPress in 2014 (previous site:
Referred by:  Jacob Mills (client)

We ended up on the Van Galder to O’hare w/ Stuart Stotts! Had a nice conversation about web sites. We all raved about you.

Marcia Mequelon
The Rumpus Room