Dolci Biscotti

I was the baker’s client before she became mine. I bought packages of cookies then had the idea to serve them at a sculpture opening. We talked occasionally and after she experienced one failed attempt at a web project, Sandy Hunter hired to create her web presence.

This is a WordPress site. Instead of blogging articles, Sandy keeps current a gallery of custom bakery items that are totally fun to look through. I also administer the associated Facebook page and Twitter stream.

Responsive? Yes. Striking Multiflex Theme
Client since: September 2011
Redesigned: 2014
Chow theme was pretty but not responsive to devices sizes. The theme authors abandoned maintenance and it fell behind with WordPress. This site was moved to a new responsive theme in 2014 – but we decided kept most of the great look we developed.

I thank U for your wonderful, creative work!  :O)

Sandy Hunter and Deb Vandenbroucke enjoying the day
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