Screenshot of Jeff Butler's WordPress site

Website for a comic artist and teacher

Screenshot of portfolio page - one of the green hornet paintings by Jeff Butler

The first website I built for Jeff concentrated on portfolio, but he needed a better way to announce multiple events and upcoming classes that he teaches. He needed time-related posts. The old site was also not responsive to device size since it was created so long ago. Thus and so we moved his website to WordPress. Now classes, events, and news items are much easier to share and promote on social media. The site also has Mega Menu which shows a picture for each gallery, so it makes things easier to find.

Jeff Butler illustrates classic superheroes Green Hornet, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, and more. He has illustrated book covers, comic books and many toy and game projects. He also is a teacher at Madison College and Madison Media Institute.

This redesign was long in coming, a much celebrated go-live.

Client since: 2008
Moved to WordPress: 2017
Responsive? Yes (Striking theme)
Referred by: Self referral by happy customer (previous site)

Okay!  Thanks for always coming through in the clutch!

Always great working with you!

Jeff Butler


Super heroes Jeff Butler and Deb Vandenbroucke at Jeff's gallery opening
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