Breaking up is hard to do…

Breaking up is hard to do…

Breaking up is hard to do…

A good relationship with a client can outlive the live website. Most of my clients have moved on because of no longer offering their particular services.  Playing a primary role is health concerns and going back to full-time employment.

It’s always sad when a client leaves my care but how can I complain when I get feedback like this?

I’ve always been happy with your work and continue to pass your name along when I can.  If you’re curious how it happened, … explanation….  and that’s why we went that direction.  Had …that.. not happened,  I would have worked with you on this project.  ~ Tony Trapp Repairs


A big thank-you for your mentoring us carpet people over the past decade. Remember the song from To Sir with Love? (1960′s I think). Well you took us “from crayons to perfume” in our web presence and we will forever be indebted to you. Our best to you.  ~ Michael Peters, Carpets Plus Wisconsin (hired in-house web staff)

A  good indicator of client satisfaction is how they feel when they leave.

Ex-clients that will still refer you?  priceless