Give ’em what they want

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Give ’em what they want

Once it awhile it is a tug between my knowledge and what a client wants. There are tons of advice articles telling web professionals to “Give ‘em what they need” with a list of good reasons including that your name is professionally associated with the site’s design and health.

When I step off the soap box, long-winded from explaining, occasionally a client still insists on ‘their way’! My imparted knowledge about why the idea they have goes against design, user knowledge, instinct, all the articles ever written about good web sites did not persuade the site owner.

Well in the end since I want web clients to be happy, against the tide I say “Give ‘em what they want”. Maybe they will circle back eventually to reconsider that really long page with long blocks of text or a questionable color amidst a beautiful design.

And for the critics out there – what goes on a web site or what is out of date on a site – it’s not always the web master’s fault. Working on a site is a team effort. Primarily – the site owner decides.

At least that’s how it works around here.