Waste of a good URL

Silly drawing whining about someone using up a great URL

Waste of a good URL

Well, it’s my birthday today and when people ask me about the joy of the day and I tell them, they are sorry they asked. It’s like one of those classic Holiday Letters – “Billy broke his arm, our house needs a new roof, and I am having my gallbladder removed while I write this Merry Christmas letter to you.”

So I decided to stop answering the phone and on a whim checked out the website www.WorstBirthdayEver.com; surely someone has set it up and today it could be quite entertaining. Aha! someone has indeed! They paid for the domain and created that site! “OK! Show me some bad birthdays!”  Unfortunately, they made one post (not even about birthdays) and then abandoned the effort. Well, maybe that is a fitting irony, but what a waste of a good URL! So much so that I’m not even giving them a live link here.

I did find this slide show of days that make mine seem not so bad. Thanks, HuffPo!

Huffngton Post slideshowWell, it is the year of the bad flu virus and I have it,

plus it is Friday,

plus my tooth broke,

since I can’t stop coughing I have to wait a week go to the dentist,

plus no one wants to hear about such things when making a birthday call.
My sister-in-law said “If I wanted to hear that kind of news, I would have called my mother!” … a glaze falls over the cheering crowd.

So that’s my story which will be irrelevant in just one little week – but a bad use of url!? That is held up for years – that really stinks.