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Where to find Google Cache saved page - the one you lost in a bad backup or accidental delete

Everyone makes mistakes. But what happens when you go to the backup and you can’t recover your web pages? I had a situation recently where I lost some of my WordPress blog pages. These are pages that I would be hard pressed to rewrite because I wrote them to remember my steps and to help […]

Used with permission of the artist

Don’t worry… If this form of content looks all too familiar I’ll get it on the internets for you! (Posted just for some Friday Fun. Image courtesy of:  PS Mueller, funny guy in my Madison neighborhood)

screenshot of Spirer Jewelry blogspot with link to websites by Deb Vandenbroucke

Web maintenance client client Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers put a debwork.com link on his Blogspot “sites to watch” section! Did you know?  Links to your site = SEO GOLD. Google loves links to your site. Not junky links from ‘link farms’ but links from quality sites like this one. Thanks,  so much!