WordPress website maintenance ~ Kayra Group

Screenshot of website header Kayra Group - social group for widows and widowers in Dane County

WordPress website maintenance ~ Kayra Group

Kayra group uses Google calendar for their social events


Kayra Group is a social organization for widowed men and women in Dane County. It has been thriving since the 1960’s. Like many who come to debwork.com, their web person was no longer available and the site was in disrepair. Luckily, they were using an theme by Elegant so a theme change was not required immediately. The site has been updated and is working to the board’s satisfaction. Newsletters are accessed via a private page that requires a password. They plan to make it more accessible to smaller devices in 2015.

Responsive? yes – new site design in 2015
Client since: 2014
Problems solved: Software Updates, Backups, SEO, Printing, Calendar replaced with Google
Referred by: search engine

I haven’t had time to look at everything but the new Google calendar looks wonderful and we can now print it… WOW!
Thanks so much.
Kayra Board Member
Kayra Group Madison