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Screenshot of the header of Ruthless Editor blog

RuthlessEditor.com Kathleen Watson is an editor, author and speaker. She had a blog installed that required some deeper knowledge of best practices. The installed WordPress theme was 2 years abandoned and WordPress was out of date. Since she enthusiastically liked her HTML website, the blog was re-designed to integrate with that look. We have occasional […]

Screenshot of website header Kayra Group - social group for widows and widowers in Dane County

KayraGroup.org Kayra Group is a social organization for widowed men and women in Dane County. It has been thriving since the 1960’s. Like many who come to debwork.com, their web person was no longer available and the site was in disrepair. Luckily, they were using an theme by Elegant so

Jacob Mills - screenshot of his voice over page

jacobmills.com This html site presents the many (very many!) services that Jacob Mills provides to professional meetings and community gatherings (emcee, host, juggling, puppetry and other performance). He also teaches all of those skills plus can be hired for on screen talent and voice over work. For a treat, listen to his voice over samples. […]

jeff-butler.com Jeff was tired of seeing “website” on his new years resolution list. After several attempts he chose me to help him get his portfolio on line. He illustrates classic super heroes Green Hornet, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, and more. There is even a Badgerman for us Wisconsin locals. Client since: 2008 Responsive? nope, coming in […]

Jules Wolf Stenzel's website (html)

yoga-wolf.com Jules Wolf Stenzel debuted her site right with the opening of her new business, Yoga Wolf. The graphic header is original. The color palette loosely relates to chakra colors. Client since: 2005 This website was re-designed in 2013 with a business name change of Jules Pilates Studio.

konectconsult.com konectconsult.com Customer referrals are always fantastic but when a client comes back for a new site, it must mean the customer service is really appreciated. This redesign is not only powered by WordPress but by the content writer Patty Gelenburg. Client Since: October 2004 This site was redesigned in 2013