Carpet Town of Milwaukee This site for a family owned flooring store in Milwaukee  was redesigned in WordPress after Google started downgrading sites that were not responsive. The html website certainly had a long life span; I did not design it but kept it going for six years. The site design has kept its compact feel. Monthly sales.. read more →

Daniel R Spirer, Jeweler Primarily to make his website responsive to mobile devices, this HTML website was moved to WordPress. This Boston-area jeweler was quite happy with the design of the HTML site, so it was used as a template for the updated version. The site is very much image-based, so pictures are now organized into portfolio posts… read more →

Heartspace Coaching ~ Website for Therapist Suzanne Kilkus, PhD is a therapist life coach who helps people work through issues of change. Her long standing website had a WordPress blog and now the entire site and was moved into WordPress with a fresh new theme. The Heartspace Coaching newsletter serves an energy engine. Each month it prompts new content across.. read more →

BackupBuddy broken for MultiSite WPMU

Whoa, iThemes has disappointed us in a big way. BackupBuddy no longer works for WordPress MultiSite. In fact, it is not even showing up in my dashboard.  I receive emails from iThemes all of the time bragging about the latest news. But I did not hear one peep from them about BackupBuddy and Multisite WPMU.. read more →

Hadinger Flooring ~ Florida Just like WordPress, Modx gets updated periodically and sites need to keep up with the latest. Unfortunately, this site was much out of date and the knowledge long gone. We moved the site to WordPress using the Striking theme. There is lots of knowledge about WordPress so there is less vulnerability if something.. read more →

Madison Alternative Realtors This site was redesigned after it was clear that the theme was not keeping up with WordPress versions. Originally we thought the site needed a theme designed for Real Estate but those require more maintenance than needed. Listings are already on MLS and do not need to be recreated on the website. Responsive? .. read more →

Glasses that Simulate Low Vision It’s sad and disappointing when your WordPress theme designer abandons a theme you like to use. Luckily, with the flexibility of CSS and a well-featured theme, a designer can take design elements along to the next theme. Thus this ‘forced redesign’ does reflect the last look of this site but it I am.. read more →

Still Writing on Paper?

Don’t worry… If this form of content looks all too familiar I’ll get it on the internets for you! (Posted just for some Friday Fun. Image courtesy of:  PS Mueller, funny guy in my Madison neighborhood) read more →

Mouse hover events R.I.P.

I thus far failed to convince a web client to change their main graphic menu that makes sense only with a hover event. Apple’s iProducts (iPhone, iPad, iMini, etc) has killed the thrill of hover (mouse over) actions. This article from Design Shack agrees and nicely lays it out what is going on here. What.. read more →