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I can be quite patient with stone. I can work on it for years, tolerating slow progress when necessary. But my patience runs out when anything to do with thread or yarn is required. In weaving we had a class project, and the class tried to keep me away from it as much as possible. One night I had a dream of how to crochet. I had never crocheted before or even considered it. I tried it out and the dream technique actually worked! Thus I saved my grade point average by creating this sculptural crochet piece.

I don't remember why it got named "Cleo". It had something to do with what we were studying in art history. Cleopatra's snake perhaps?

I sort of doubt that the sculpure still survives. Eureka College acquired it, and it sat in a lounge for awhile like a much-beloved pet.

Dimensions: approx 12" diameter tube, 36" ht x 46"
Materials: Yarn, chicken wire
Completed:   1978
Collection: Eureka College
Eureka, IL

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