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A Definite Presence
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I was very interested in Georgia O'Keeffe and she was a big influence. I was interested in how viewers overlaid sexuality onto her work, and how she was exasperated with that view. I had a similar experience in exploring forms of flowers and bodies, trying for a sense of sensuality; and any sexuality was the viewer's perspective and not mine. Now, I consider myself to have been naive. Over time I have concluded that the two can not be extricated. Probably the many life drawing classes which also try to deny the sexuality of the model came into play in that mindset.

This sculpture was carved at Bradley University (Peoria, IL) where I was studying with Nita Sunderland. I had not been accepted into the graduate program and was doing coursework to gain entry. The piece was designed for a specific location at The Sun Foundation in Washburn, IL for whom I worked. It never got placed there due to a rupture in my relationship with the management. Instead it was installed at my father's accounting office where it serves as a landmark.
Completed:   1981
Dimensions: 4' x 3'x 2'
Materials:   Bedford Limestone


M J Vandenbroucke, Inc
Lombard, IL

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