08 Apr 2012

Little Stories of Caring ~ Steve Kilkus

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Story writing as a means of healing


Steve Kilkus conducts story writing as healing sessions in Madison. He wanted the participants to be able to submit more stories via web and to provide a similar experience via his audio on his website. Oddly enough, even with several referral sources, being Lithuanian sealed the deal for this client. This is a WordPress site using one of them many great templates from Elegant Themes. This client really liked when Gravity forms was added.

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Client since: April 2012
(Do to a job change, this website is no longer up and running)
Referred by: Heartspace Coaching‘s Suzanne Kilkus – my client & Steve’s spouse.

I sure am glad that you are so organized that you noted everything we worked on and agreed to do. That’s great! The meeting was worth every minute and every penny to me! Thank you!

– Steve Kilkus, RN, MSN