24 Aug 2011
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Site for School Technology


Imagine the answer clickers used on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in the hands of a forth grade class. This website for the Midwest distributor of technology and software products for schools; they are passionate about helping students learn. Heavily influenced The Referral Engine, the site is the hub of their client interaction. The start-up company markets student response systems, exercises based on brain-based research, and technology that gives teachers easy access to results that guide improvement.

Client from 2011-2013. Sadly, the business closed.

I love working with people that: Know a ton but don’t act like it. Consultants who are more like owners than consultants. Enjoy what they are doing and have fun while they are doing it; it’s infectious!

Deb is all of this and more. I am a huge fan.

– Dutch Heinhuis, COO & Referral Engine Mechanic