low vision simulators screenshot of website menu and site header- Move to Shopify

Low Vision ecommerce site on Shopify


After being on WordPress for over a decade, we made the move to Shopify in 2019. Site owners find the selling tools easier to use and the software is not as persnickety as WooCommerce. All of the maintenance I was required perform in the past is no longer needed. The site owner gets lots of extra usage information on his Shopify dashboard and is quite happy.

Responsive?   Yes (Debut Theme)
Client Since: 2006  ==> moved to Shopify 2019
Referred by: Himself – this is repeat business (Previous)

This is great — really works well. The social media and the nice words are on the pages where customers would be interested in knowing who we are.

It’s interesting to see the ‘original” them demo. You have really milked a lot out of a simple little theme.


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