How to make a support ticket on Hostgator

hostgator is trying to get you to use online chat

How to make a support ticket on Hostgator

*** Update December 2017: Sorry, this trick no longer works but you can try Twitter. (I hate chat support!)

Hostgator has been quietly getting rid of it’s support ticket system. After being logged into the account, you would think “create a ticket” would go to ticket support. The ticket support link is often hidden but if you can find it your cpanel or dashboard, the application stalls or directs you to live chat support instead. What’s wrong with that? Hostgator live chat is often unavailable or it takes too long in the queue to be practical.

Today I rediscovered this link: and offer this usage tip: The login for your cpanel or billing portal will not work. To use this ticket support system, establish an email/password specifically for this support portal.

As of this date it is working. I got a response to my latest ticket within 32 hours.

As an aside, the disappointing response to a blacklisted IP address on their hosting service (see for yourself) was: “We take no action against blacklists unless they are actively blocking your outbound mail.”

It is sad because Hostgator was one of my top recommended web hosts. Be sure to make sure the host you chose is not owned by EIG.